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Video Promotion

Unmanned military aircrafts have been around for a while, but commercial drones are just beginning to explode. Companies are experimenting with drones in new and exciting ways. Amazon is working on a drone delivery service. Other companies are using drones for mapping and security.
The most popular use for drones, however, is for taking videos. Drones give you the freedom and flexibility that other videos can’t. For your business, this means tons of potential in an untapped video niche.
Virtual Tours: a wide variety of industries can use drones for marketing purposes. A real estate agent could give virtual tours of homes and their neighborhood using a drone. Tourism companies can give a fly-by of nearby attractions, beaches, and restaurants. Any business can use drones to give a tour of their office to showcase their culture.
Event Coverage: if your industry, city, or business is holding an event that’s generating buzz, you can use a drone to grab video that takes advantage of it. You’ll be able to provide a unique perspective that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Your social media profiles are the perfect channel to distribute these videos.So me examples of good events you could cover are sporting events, festivals, industry events, and concerts.
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