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Photos of Burano Island - Italy

All visitors of Burano remain intrigued by the many colours and the colorful houses that are reflected into the green waters of channels, by the leaning bell tower, by the tranquility and the calmness with which the elderly ladies embroider original Burano lace by their tombolo (or lace pillow), while they are laughing and chatting in squares among them. It seems to be in paradise. Children  who dart freely with their bicycles, balconies with multicolored flowers, fishermen who put up fresh fish from their traditional boats.
The typical Burano's  houses are mainly squared-shaped  and are divided into two or three floors. At the low ground there is the kitchen, the breakfast nook and the toilet. At the next floors there are the bedrooms.
The different colours of the houses, which today rappresent the our island main feature, at a previous time was useful to delimit the properties. Notwithstanding an ancient legend narrates that fishermen painted their houses to see them from long distance when they were far away for fishing.
The popular, picturesque canals are a must-see when visiting the island, where you'll spot lush flower boxes dotting the windows of the bright homes and businesses.
Via Galuppi, the island's main street, is lined with pastry and souvenir shops, stores, bars, and restaurants. If you wander away from that area you'll see fewer tourists and can enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the canals and colorful houses that have long attracted painters to the island.
The island is also famous for its artisan lace makers and there's a Lace Museum, as well as various shops selling delicate lace designs.
Burano even has a leaning tower, a former bell tower of the 15th century San Martino Church that is a great spot for pictures.
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